Q. No picture is displaying on the screen
A. The GCHD adapter should click into place and needs to be inserted firmly

Q. My image is split when using component on my CRT
A. If you image is splitting in a way like the images below, simply turn off the line doubler in the IR menu.

Q. My image is very pixelated when using HDMI
A. If your image is coming through over pixelated when using progressive scan mode over HDMI or otherwise it is likely an issue with "Enhanced DVI Mode". For clarification, "Enhanced DVI Mode" is a mode that uses interpolated digital video and audio via the Digital AV connector. While most displays can utilize this signal without issues, some displays are not compatible with this type of signal resulting in an overpixelated image.
If you are experiencing this simply turn off "Enhanced DVI Mode" to remedy the picture, however this will remove the audio signal via HDMI. Instead you can pull audio from the 3.5mm jack or by utilizing the red and white auxiliary cables via the wii component port.

Q. My image is displaying in the wrong colors when using my receiver
A. If your GCHD Mk-II is plugged into a receiver before reaching your TV, and certain display modes like 480p are displaying with incorrect colors(see images below), there is likely an issue with a mode setting on your receiver.
To remedy be sure to disable any "Video Conversion Option" that your receiver is likely using.

Q. How can I get 480p on a PAL console?
A. Using the SD Media Launcher & SWISS homebrew tool you can force compatible games to 480p. Not all PAL games are 480p compatible.

Listed below is our approved collection of software and hardware that is compatible with the GCHD. These products have been thoroughly tested in casual, and professional setups from living room TV's to competitive gaming tournaments. Note that the GCHD is not limited to the use of only the items listed below. This is our list of tools that we have fully tested and used internally.

Approved Software

Approved Hardware
- DotStone HDMI Switch 4x1
- OREI HD-104 HDMI Splitter
- AVermedia Live Gamer Portable Capture Card